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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


Farrell Friedenberg


Farrell has a flair for fashion, keen eye for creativity and a strong sense of purpose. Those traits combined with her background in Art and easy going personality was the perfect recipe for success. In 2006, she purchased the business from her cousin and since then has grown Jay Ann Intimates into the largest and most respected mastectomy/compression shop in the Tri-state area.  She has a strong passion for women's issues and takes every opportunity to educate those around her to raise awareness and create change. She is born and raised in Philly, loves cooking, knitting, pilates and spending time with her family and best friend Olive.

Olive started her career 5 years ago and is instrumental in creating smiles and sunshine at Jay Ann Intimates. Just rub her belly and give her a treat to see the magic happen :-) !

CHO (002).jpg


Chief Happiness Officer (HV)

Olive started her career 5 years ago and is instrumental in creating smile sand sunshine at Jay Ann Intimates.  Just rub her belly and give her a treat to see the magic happen :-)!


Richard Friedenberg


Rich is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University pf Pennsylvania with a concentration in management.  He spent 25 years in the home-improvement industry, first as a COO of a local retailer and then as an owner of his own business. Rich now oversees the financial aspects of Jay Ann Intimates and is involved in the expansion of the business.


Susan Stanton

Susie is a certified mastectomy fitter with 13 years of experience. She has a Bachelors of Arts from Penn State Abington where she explored several artistic mediums including sculpture and printmaking. She enjoys bringing her creative flair and problem solving skills to her fittings.  Susie specializes in creating custom breast and nipple prostheses and is passionate about helping women navigate this journey. She loves serving her local community and bringing joy and comfort to her clients. In her spare time you can find her belly dancing, and adventuring with family and friends.

CMF, Sr. Custom Specialist (HV)


Jamie Topkis


Jamie loves meeting new people helping them look and feel special. She has a great sense of style and loves seeing women “shine” when they feel good in their clothes. Each and every day, Jamie looks forward to spending time with her extended family…which are her coworkers. Jamie has been married for over 25 years and has two daughters. She loves animals, changing seasons and drinking coffee (she always has a cup in her hand)!


Rebecca "Becky" Blumenthal

Fitter, Merchandiser (HV)

Becky has a strong sense of style and body awareness. She enjoys working with clients to find item that are comfortable and fit their lifestyles. Her personal motto is, “Let’s be kind to ourselves!” A properly fit garment makes us feel good and look even better.


Hope Bear


Hope as a BS in Psychology and MA in HR from Temple University. She has over 30 years of HR experience, helping people grow and develop their careers in a variety of international companies. Her love for people led her to Jay Ann Intimates where she helps all women find their perfect fit. Additionally, she helps implement processes and projects to support he growth of the business. In her free time, Hope enjoys time with her family, cooking, knitting and relaxing at the beach.


Sandy Davis-Arnell

CMF, Manager (Paoli)

Sandy joined Jay Ann Intimates in 2020, bring her problem solving and active listening skills with her from previous careers, which she has successfully translated into becoming a certified mastectomy fitter. Sandy’s favorite thing is getting her breast care clients fit for custom breast forms. Nothing can compare to the excitement and joy she sees when her cliEnts look in the mirror and see their true selves. When she is not working, Sandy enjoys going antique shopping and watching movies and retro TV shows with her husband as well as baking Bundt cakes for her friends. She also ran and finished the Marine Corps Marathon and is an active fundraiser for Team CMMD, a non-profit, supporting those with cancer. Sandy’s empathy and passion for helping every woman look and feel their best has allowed her to find the job she “never knew she needed.”


Deb Heeke

CMF (Paoli)

Deb has over 30+ years of experience in the marketing arena, in both traditional digital media. Having worked for several companies including CD Now, QVC and URBN Inc., she has had her share of time in corporate America. Her professional experience also includes (many)years in Retail management and store operations. In a post-COVID worked, she decided to make a career change and do something to give back and help others, thus leading her to become CMF for Jay Ann Intimates. She has lived in PA, CT, LA an London and is an avid dog lover and rescuer.


Caroline Coyle


My career has not only started with Jay Ann Intimates, but has continued to grow. I joined the Jay Ann team after I finished my undergraduate degree in Health Services and a Minor in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. Once I became a Certiified Mastectomy fitter, I went on to train for ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis scanning. Growing up as the daughter of a nurse, I have always found myself geared more towards the medical field. Working with my clients before, during and after treatment, affords me the opportunity to care for my clients while I pursue my passion in a medical field. In my free time, I love baking and making new creations for friends and family to try.


Lorrie Szuch


Lorrie comes from Alberta Canada, where she was once an elementary school teacher. She moved to PA with her husband when her children were very young and worked part time while raising her children. She has many passions such as singing, riding her bike, running, backpacking, swimming, cooking, yoga, and barre. She is an avid reader and loves to discuss the books she has read. Lorries loves the outdoors and traveling. Her friends mean a lot to her, and she likes to host gatherings and see them regularly. Lorrie has been a fitter for Jay Ann Intimates for over 8 years. She enjoys spending time with her regular customers as well as meeting new ones. At every appointment, she spends time educating them on mastectomy products and fulfilling their breast care needs. She feels being a Mastectomy Fitter has changed her life and loves working with her customers.


Diane Gesauldi

CMF (Bensalem)

Diane Gesualdi, a woman who loves being a wife, mother, nonna and CMF who provides a service to women who have had breast surgery. As a five time, cancer survivor, working with breast cancer survivors has been her passion for over 25 years. Being able to educate, comfort and provide clients with necessary items to feel better about themselves is THE reason “why” she loves working at Jay Ann Intimates.


Lisa Waksman

CMF (Bensalem)

Lisa is a graduate of Penn State University and has been with Jay Ann Intimates for more than 10 years. Being a mastectomy fitter is extremely rewarding since she can work with the incredible women. She often remarks that “this is the best job I have ever had!”  Lisa lives in Florida with her husband and is the mother of two daughters, all of whom are extremely supportive of her career journey.


Lisa Lindenberg

CMF, Boutique Coordinator (Robert Wood Johnson)

Lisa has been a  mastectomy and lymphedema Fitter since 1992 at the Wellness Boutique in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. She is compassionate, helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, caring and passionate about helping women.


Gina Gesualdi

CMF, Compression Manager (Southampton)

Gina has been working in the post-mastectomy industry for the last seven years. For the last three years, she has managed the Jay Ann Compression Shop in Southampton, PA. She oversees all aspects of the department, as well as acts as billing compliance for all of Jay Ann’s seven locations.


Mary Schwenke

CMF, Senior Compression Fitter (Southampton)

Mary graduated from Delaware Valley University with a Bachelor of Science. Additionally, she is a certified fitter for all "off the shelf" and compression garments . Not only does Mary posses the professional education and credentials to be an expert in her field; she also knows from personal experience how important compression garments can be. Mary is born and raised in Bucks County. She is an animal lover, especially dogs! In her free time, she listens to music and reads a great deal.

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